And I’m Feeling Good …

The past few weeks at our house have been rough. All 3 of the kids have been sick, plus Larry has been sick too. I have been the only one who has not caught this nasty funk that seems to be going around. (I just ran off to find some wood to knock on hoping not to jinx myself.) Sick kids means that I have to miss work to run to the doctor, pharmacy, and just all around take care of the sickly people. To be perfectly honest, having a houseful of sick people stresses me out to the max. I feel totally overwhelmed and after all of the insanity seems to die down, I find myself crashing. In the middle of all of the illness and stress I handle it all really well. But then after the crisis mode dies down, I get really down in the dumps.

Last night, I couldn’t sleep. I just laid in bed awake with my mind racing. I thought about millions of things. For some reason I couldn’t turn my brain off and just rest. This afternoon after I got home from work I started trying to figure out what I could do to help bring myself back out of the funk. A friend of mine suggested getting out and going for a walk. Luckily, the weather here is ridiculously gorgeous for early/mid March. So I asked my friend if she would want to come walk with me. She said that she would love to tag along. So off to the park we went!

I did a total of 3 miles while I was at the park. I walked 2 miles and then ran/walked the last mile. I feel so much better! I guess it’s the endorphins or something like that. I just never would have thought that exercising would make that big of a difference. I guess now I can see myself becoming addicted to exercise. If I feel this good after every time I work out, then look out. I will be back down to my skinny self before I know it! Between all of the walking I did at work today, and then the 3 miles this evening … that brings me to a grand total of 5 miles for the day. I would love to match that tomorrow. Let’s see if I can keep my motivation going!


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