Letting Go

They say the first step to solving a problem, is to admit that you have a problem. Ok, I will admit it. I am a bit of a control freak. It’s really kind of weird because there are lots of things that I am so incredibly easy-going about. However, the things that I am particular about I am a total control freak about those. Here are a few examples …

Folding Clothes – Before I got married and had kids, I didn’t really care how the clothes were folded. However, now that I have been trying to do laundry for people other than just me for the past almost 13 years … I have really become a fanatic about the way things are folded.

My kids – I am a total mama bear and control freak when it comes to my kids. I am sure most parents are this way though. I want to know everything that is going on with them at all times. One of my kids has some health issues and I am all over those keeping track of her medications and such. I have either volunteered or worked at the school ever since my kids started school.  I just want my kids to know that I am their biggest advocate and I have their best interests at heart at all times.

Giving 100% – Ok, this is the one that I think a take a bit too far. When I do something, I give it my all. And I do mean my all. I want it to be the absolute best that it can be. About 11 years ago I worked as a temp. I would do such a good job at my temporary assignments that I would work myself out of a job before the contract was up. Of course, that hard work usually leads to bigger and better things for me. But I seriously don’t just give 100% … I usually push myself and go above and beyond. The problem with this is, when I don’t feel recognized, or appreciated for all of my hard work. I get very irritated.

My plans – When I plan something out, I expect it to go exactly the way I have planned it. That is totally unreasonable, and in my head I know that it is nearly impossible. But for some reason when things don’t go just according to plan … I flip out. I know, you are all now thinking that I am a total whack job. HA HA HA!

Ok, now that I have let you all into that crazy place that I call my brain … LOL … let’s get back to the point. This year I am trying to take a step back and let go of many of these issues. “Why do I need to be in control of this?” is what I ask myself. Sure, I still get all uptight over things. It isn’t like I can wave a magic wand and make all of those things go away in my head. But I am trying to be better about it.

What about you all? Is there anything that you are a control freak about? Is there anything that you are trying to change in your life? Take my advice. Even baby steps in the right direction are a good thing. So that’s what I keep on doing. Baby steps towards a calmer and still totally awesome me!


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