From an Uprising to an Arrest …

Last week, my 12 year old became an advocate for the Invisible Children. She watched the Kony 2012 video that several friends of hers shared with her. Millions of people watched this video in a matter of hours. It is an internet sensation and leading news story on just about every news channel. It should be a leading news story. The tragedies that those people have been having to endure for decades absolutely breaks my heart.

This video was a great way to discuss how so many terrible things happen all over hte world and how in lots of cases no one seems to be able to do anything to help the victims. It really is so sad that awful things like this happen and so many of us don’t have the ability to do something that we truly feel is helping. Sure we can post this video and talk about it and hope that the word of mouth causes enough of a stir that the government steps in and doees something about it. But even if the government steps in more, would it really do any good to help? No one can say.

However, as mad as it makes me what the people in Uganda are struggling with, I think I have found something that infuriates me just as much if not more. Jason Russell, one of the creators of this uprising, reached out to the youth of today. He felt like this would be the quickest way to get the word out for his cause. And it worked! However, fast forward to this week. He has been detained by the police and now hospitalized due to what they are calling “an unfortunate incident.”

It is really upsetting to me that someone can be such a huge advocate for protecting children and then have “an unfortunate incident” which would be very upsetting to all of his new fans and followers. What happened to the heroes who didn’t have addictions, breakdowns and incidents? Am I still naive enough at age 33 to think that heroes like that ever truly existed? Maybe I just had blinders on and didn’t see the bad when I was younger.

I know that I am asking for too much … but sheesh! It feels like my children can’t look up to anyone these days! The majority of celebrities and icons that my kids have looked up to in their lives so far have fallen from their heightened status. And most oof them have fallen HARD. These aren’t just “unfortunate incidents.” These stupid choices that people in power are making have a negative effect on the children who are looking up to you. Please try and make wise choices instead of going down the path where you fall from grace and land smack on your face. It isn’t just you that it hurts.

I apologize for my rant. This just really gets my goat! The Kony 2012 cause is an amazing cause. Hopefully this “unfortunate incident” doesn’t tarnish the cause and make it more difficult to accomplish.


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