2 Week Dinner Menu #1

Several of my friends have told me how they don’t see how I can plan out our meals for 2 weeks. I try to explain that it takes time, but it is so worth it and helpful for our family. Lots of them say that they want to plan out their family meals too, but just can’t seem to get it done. One friend has even asked me to plan out her menu for her! Ha ha! I figured since so many people had talked about having trouble with this task, that I would start posting my menus on my blog. Maybe it will help someone else out with their planning. Tuesday nights are sports night for our family, so it is always something light and easy for us on Tuesdays.

Sunday: Fish Tacos with mango salsa and black beans
Monday: Spinach & Mushroom Ravioli with red sauce, salad and bread
Tuesday: Sandwiches
Wednesday: Cranberry chicken, mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts
Thursday: Crockpot BBQ sandwiches, baked beans and french fries
Friday: Frozen Pizzas
Saturday: Burgers or Brats, and fries

Sunday: Catfish, hush puppies,  and green beans
Monday: Leftover night
Tuesday: Sandwiches or Leftovers
Wednesday: Taco Soup
Thursday: Leftover night
Friday: Meat Ravioli with red sauce, salad and bread

I didn’t plan a meal for the last Saturday because we usually end up stretching our menu out at least a few days. Sometimes we can even push it out for 3 weeks. It just depends on how many leftovers we end up with from each meal. Plus, I may rearrange some of the meals just depending on what mood I am in or if something unexpected comes up. The good thing is, that I know that we have all of the ingredients to make each of the meals on our menu. It makes life so much easier after a long day at work to not have to figure out what to cook for dinner. It is already planned out for me in advance. I just love it when a well made plan falls into place and makes this simpler!



  1. April 24, 2012 at 2:00 am

    Thanks to dreamingupme blog for the pic. I appreciate the help sweetie!

  2. healthdemystified said,

    April 27, 2012 at 12:08 am


    I just nominated you as an official Health Demystified MVP (Most Valued Peep) for your support and encouragement. This is my way of letting you know that I really appreciate you and I think you are awesome.

    Welcome to the exclusive Health Demystified MVP Club.

    Glad to have you on board,


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