Our growing eggplant



Our growing eggplant


Very interesting! I myself am trying to remember just what a success I am each and every day. How about you?

iDrank the Kool-aid

Last week, my cell phone contract expired. For weeks prior to the contract expiring, I researched my phone options like crazy. Which phone had more memory? Which had longer battery life? Faster processing speed? Better reviews? I asked friends for their opinions. I even talked with one of the IT guys a work about his opinion. After deciding and changing my mind at least 10 times, I finally told myself to stop over thinking this choice. And I went back to what my first instinct told me. I got an iPhone.

I went with a 16GB version, in black. Before choosing which one to get, I checked my iTunes music and saw that I had 3GB of music already. I figured, if I went with an 8GB iPhone, that I would be kicking myself for not getting the higher memory capacity phone. Many people told me that I should get the 32 GB, but I just couldn’t justify spending that much money on a phone. The sales person at my cell phone store told me about the Apple care insurance for the phone. I bit the bullet and included that too. I have heard too many horror stories of friends with broken iPhones to not include the insurance plan! I also got an otterbox case for my phone. It is super cute with black and white zebra stripes. But that doesn’t really matter does it? What really got me hooked was using the phone itself.

My old phone was a HTC Hero, it was one of the very first phones they came out with on the Android system. I loved it for so long. However, the last 6 months I have battled with it shutting itself off at the most inopportune times. Plus, not long after I got the phone the memory was at capacity.I got a larger memory card, but it was such a hassle to move all of my stuff from one memory card to another and re-download apps. I knew I didn’t want to have to do that again. I couldn’t keep all of my apps, music, or pics because the phone would not work properly if I didn’t keep the available space at a decent level.

Now let’s talk about the iPhone. As soon as I started using the phone, I knew I had made a HUGE improvement from my old phone. Everything it does, it does at lightening speed. It downloads apps, searches the web and sends texts … all in a flash. The screen is absolutely wonderful to look at. So clear, it is just indescribable! Then there’s Siri, oh Siri how do I love thee … let me count the ways!

1. You set appointments for me.

2. You remind me to do things.

3. You text people for me.

4. You call people for me.

5. You help me find places close by.

6. You make me laugh.

But seriously, she does irritate me at times too, but what is love without a bit of frustration? I am sure there are other things that I love about Siri but it is getting late, so I need to try to wrap this post up.

Last but not least … My cell phone company is Cspire Wireless. Cspire charges an additional $5/month for picture text messaging. I never thought it was worth it to pay this additional fee. My best friend however, felt differently. She even mentioned how she would pay the extra $5 just so she could send me pictures. I never did add that to my cell phone package though. Now that I have an iPhone, that has changed, well at least partially. I can now send and receive pictures to/from anyone with an iPhone. It is part of a feature called iMessage. The picture messages won’t come through unless it is being sent from an iPhone to my phone or from my iPhone to another iPhone. Limited bonus, but still a bonus to me!

I have officially drank the Apple Kool-aid, and it tastes oh so good!

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