Another Debate


Another Presidential Election debate tonight, President Obama and Mitt Romney are hanging out by my empty fruit/veggie baskets this morning while I race around getting my 3 kids ready for school and myself ready for work. I’m sure in real life they are doing their own racing around with last minute preparations.

Are you ready for tonight’s debate? I know I am. I still wish the other candidates would be included in the debates. Some of the third party candidates are answering the debate questions themselves. Check them out, they just might surprise you!


Should I watch the debates?

Sure, we all want to watch our comedies, dramas, reality tv, cooking shows or whatever it is that we like to watch. So it frustrates us when a debate is on every channel instead of our regularly scheduled programming. You start to wonder if it is really worth your time to watch the debate. “Maybe I should just go to bed early?” “I think this would be a good time to pick up that book I’ve been wanting to read.” “Hmm, maybe I could dust the baseboards …”

No, you should watch the debate! Gather your children, if you have kids, and watch and learn. So much to learn from a debate. Sure! The political opinions are important. You can learn a lot about each candidate by the answers and their demeanor and attitude during a debate. If you are confused about the answers given, then you can research the candidates stance and inform yourself on that issue more than you were before.

Then there are the life lessons you can learn from a debate. The appropriate way to have a conversation and disagreement. The right way to act towards other people, even when you don’t agree with those people.

Our house guests Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both are enjoying the Vice Presidential debate this evening.



Politics at home

For the next few weeks my posts will be about politics. We have some visitors at our house and I am taking this as a way to help people learn about the current political candidates and bring the issues to the forefront of the voters’ minds.


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