Coolest Cookie Press Ever!

Sharper Image Cookie Press

I bought this cookie press when I found it at Tuesday Morning discount store a few weeks ago. I didn’t buy it to use it as a cookie press though, I bought it to make frosting cupcakes easier and less messy. I used it for the first time tonight and let me tell you, this thing is amazing!!!!!

It is incredibly easy to use, and it frosts cupcakes beautifully! I refilled it 3 1/2 times and frosted 36 cupcakes with a very generous amount of frosting and I had some frosting leftover too. 🙂 Way less mess than my normal icing bag tactic! I always end up with icing all over my hands, the counter, and the floor when I use an icing bag. Not with this new contraption though! With just the push of a button I was frosting cupcakes. It is a bit slow, but not too slow. It just forced me to take my time and make sure the cupcakes were frosted perfectly!

I haven’t testing it out on cookies yet, but I will certainly be trying that out next! My Christmas baking will be much easier from now on! If you can find one of these, and you like to bake or need a gift for a baker … buy it!


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