Cow Ticketed for Excessive Mooing in Ohio

WKYC News in Ohio is reporting this story of a citation being given to a farm owner for her cow doing exactly what it is supposed to do, moo.

Wally the cow is a normal cow who roams the pasture, chews his cud, and moos. Wally’s owner, Karyl Hylle is shocked by the fact that she has been charged with a misdemeanor for “ongoing nuisance cow mooing.” Wally lives on a 33-acre farm owned by Hylle.

Hylle says “I am speechless.” According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Department Hylle’s neighbor has called to complain about Wally and his excessive mooing on more than 20 different occasions. While the news crew was at the Hylle farm Wally did not moo even once. Also, when officers came to the farm to give the misdemeanor citation, Wally still remained silent.

“I mean he does moo, he’s a cow, but it’s rare and it’s few and far between,” says Hylle. Hylle also stated that Wally only moos about twice in a day.

The punishment for this misdemeanor could mean either $1000 fine and or up to 90 days in jail for Hylle. All of that for her cow doing exactly what he was intended to do, moo. The sound a cow makes, better known as a moo, is just the cows way of communicating with the world around him. Some animals make sounds to see what is around them, but cows moo just as dogs bark or cats meow. It is just how they speak to other cows, or to their owners. It is just what they do. Cows can not stop mooing, just as they can not stop chewing their cud.

The cities district attorney has never seen a case similar to this one, and now his job is to find out if excessive cow mooing is even an enforceable offense. Can a cow living on a farm really be a nuisance?

This case just may be the most memorable case in history for any law enforcement officials in the Washington County area. I know that I will never forget the day I heard about a cow getting a ticket for mooing. Plus, authorities must think about how this could open the door for other similar citations. Farm animals all across the country could easily become nuisances for crowing, bleeting, and neigh-ing.

My own personal thoughts for Wally, “Moo all you want to Wally. Moo on cow, moo on!”


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