Creative Birthday Cake Ideas

I love to cook, however, desserts are definitely my favorite food to make. When it comes to birthday time at our house, I am definitely making the cake! Of course it depends on who I am making a cake for but I always get creative when making a cake!

No matter who the cake is for the first thing I do is think about the birthday party theme, if there is not a theme then I think about what that person likes. Then I think about all of the things that go with that theme or thing. Take sports for an example. There are all of the different balls, places to play, uniforms, score boards, and other sports equipment (bats, rackets, shoes, etc.) I start to think about how I could turn any of those items into a cake. I toss around the ideas in my head until I decide on which particular cake will be the best for this person’s party and will also work with how much time I have to make the cake.

There are a several different ways to make a standard cake pan into a different shape. You can put different shaped cakes together to form a wonderful creation. A great example would be making a cake replica of the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. This would be achieved by stacking together both round and rectangle shaped cakes. This would be a fairly complex stacking job, and would need to be supported by wooden dowels to stay in place, but what a cake that would be! It would be wonderful for an art lover! You can also take several round cakes and stack them together and then cut off a bit on the sides to form a baseball or basketball shape. This would also work for other round shaped balls including tennis balls and children’s bouncy balls. Another way to make different shapes from cake is to cut the cakes and put them back together in a different way. You can take two different round cakes and turn it into an Easter bunny very easily! All you have to do is take one of the round cakes and make two cuts. This turns that round cake into two ears and a bow tie. Put the ears and the bow tie next to the other round cake to form your rabbit! Cake cutting can be as simple as that or it can be very complex. It all depends on how much cutting and detail you want to get into with your cake. Another way to make a shape from a cake is to add things to your cake to make it the shape you want. I made a regular bundt cake into a pumpkin by adding an ice cream cone to the center of the cake for the pumpkin stem! Plus you can always buy cake pans in different shapes. However, you will have to go to a specialty shop to find these. You can look at your local craft store or at a specialty baking store.

Another wonderful way to make cakes more creative is the way you fill them! Sure it is easy to just put frosting between the layers, but why not put something different in the middle of the cake? Try a fruit filling or a thick pudding! A totally different way to fill a cake is with jello! This is a wonderful tip for a pool party. You can cut the center out of a sheet cake and fill it with jello to turn your cake into a swimming pool!

This is a very simple way to make your cake more creative. You can still make a standard cake in whatever pan you choose. However, don’t just front the cake. Top it with sprinkles too! You could also use fresh fruit to top your cake! Other ways to top cakes are with candy, cookies, and flowers! Not to mention you can purchase cake toppers made from sugar or plastic! One of the first cakes that I got creative with had a picture of my son on it! I took one of my favorite pictures of him and had the bakery transfer it into an edible image and I just placed it onto the cake! So simple, but it had a big impact at the party! I also still remember one of the first cakes that I ever made! It was when I was in high school for a friends birthday and I topped it with M & M candies.

Decorate, it is not just about the frosting!
Sure frosting is a very important part of cake making. However, it is not the only thing to worry about! I always have a supply of other ways to decorate my cake too! I almost always use frosting when I decorate a cake, however, I also use whipped topping many times. I like to keep a supply of white frosting and also whipped topping at my home so I am always prepared for a cake! I also have a variety of food coloring choices always in my cabinet so I can color my frosting easily. I also have my cake decorating tools. I use a pampered chef easy accent cake decorator most times. However, I also have used cake decorator bags. I always have spatulas and other smoothing tools at my finger tips when baking so I am ready for any issue that may come up. You can even use other items to help you decorate your cake! I have even taken my whisk and used it as a decorating tool. All of the whisk tines were evenly spaced apart and made it so easy to make a lined design on the edge of my cake!

As you can see, baking is easily one of my favorite things to do! I hope with these simple tips that you are able to find joy in baking as well. Now that you have finished reading this grab your apron, and your cake tools and get in the kitchen!


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