Dinner Recipes with Oranges

I have always been a huge fan of citrus fruits with oranges being my favorite. I was 18 years old when I first tried to use oranges in a main dish recipe. Eleven years later, I am still using oranges when I cook dinner. Oranges make great side items, but in this article I am going to focus on the main course. However, I also want to share with you a few of my favorite side dishes made with oranges.

Orange Cranberry Chicken Salad

This has got to be my all time favorite summer dinner. It is super simple to make, not to mention it is a light and cool dinner for those hot summer evenings. Take some romaine lettuce and tear the hearts into salad sized pieces. Place the torn lettuce into a bowl full of ice water and keep it in the fridge for at least half an hour. This helps to make sure that the lettuce is extremely crisp for your salad. Once you are ready to build your salad, drain the lettuce thoroughly and place it into the salad bowls. top the lettuce with any form of cooked chicken. You can use leftover grilled chicken, rotisserie chicken purchased from your local grocer or even boiled chicken. Just don’t use anything with any sort of thick or heavily flavored sauce. Then sprinkle onto the salad some dried cranberries. Now for the oranges! Drain some canned mandarin oranges and sprinkle some oranges onto each salad. You do not want to over do it with the cranberries or the oranges. Make sure you have plenty, but not too many. Your salad is finished now except for the dressing. The best dressing for this salad is a simple red wine vinaigrette. Let everyone dress the salad themselves because some people like more dressing than others. It is sure to be a huge hit at your house. I know it is at mine!

Orange Shrimp with Avocado

In a bowl mix together some ground coriander and salt. Toss one and a half pounds of peeled and deveined shrimp in the salt mixture. In a separate bowl stir together some orange juice, orange zest, lime juice, salt, coriander, and some cayenne pepper. Add to the orange juice mixture some bell pepper strips, diced red onion, and some fresh cilantro. Broil the shrimp for about three minutes turning them once during cooking. Add the cooked shrimp to the juice mixture and refrigerate for 2 hours. when ready to serve top with avocado chunks and pumpkin seeds. Is your mouth watering as much as mine is right now? What a fantastic and healthy meal that will be!

Pork Chops with an Orange Glaze

Sprinkle some nice thick pork chops with salt and pepper, then dredge them with some all purpose flour. Brown pork chops on both sides in some heated vegetable oil. Mix together in a separate bowl some orange juice, orange marmalade, brown sugar and some vinegar. Pour this over the pork chops. Reduce your heat, cover your dish and simmer for 45 minutes. Add some steamed vegetables on the side and this will be one perfect meal for the fall or winter!

Marinated Turkey Breast

Sometimes oranges can just be used as a marinade and this recipe is a great example of that. Marinate some boneless and skinless turkey breast in orange juice, lime juice, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper and oregano. It is best to make the marinade ahead of time and reserve some of it for later. Refrigerate the turkey in the marinade all day, turning the turkey on occasion. Grill the turkey until fully cooked, brush the turkey with the reserved marinade. This will be the most delicious grilled turkey you will ever eat!

Okay, those are just a few of my favorite orange inspired main dishes, now I want to share with you my 2 favorite side dishes using oranges.

Fruit Salad in Orange Bowls

Just about everyone has a fruit salad recipe. I like to use whatever fruits I have on hand and mix them together in either a bit of fruit juice, or in some vanilla yogurt. I almost always have oranges at my house so you often find oranges in my fruit salad. I have three children who don’t always want to eat vegetables with their dinner, so sometimes I will make a fruit salad to go along with dinner. Whenever I use oranges in my fruit salad I always make it even more fun and use my orange peel as my bowl for my fruit salad. You have to be more cautious about getting the fruit out of the peel of course, but it is a nice fun and beautiful touch on any plate.

Roasted Vegetables

This is such a great fall recipe, and it is perfect for when you have guests over. It is delicious and pretty fancy too! Roast some new potatoes, some parsnips, some sweet potatoes, carrots, and pickling onions by tossing in a bit of oil and baking at 400 degrees for almost an hour. It is best to toss the vegetables every fifteen minutes or so. After you take the vegetables out of the oven sprinkle them with some poppy seeds. While your vegetables are cooking, you will need to make the delicious orange dressing to go over your vegetables. The dressing calls for orange juice, garlic, Dijon mustard, white wine vinegar and some sesame oil. Mix the dressing together well and then pour over the warm vegetables. Transfer the vegetables to your serving bowl and top with some thinly sliced Brie and serve. What a way to wow anyone at your dinner table!

I love getting creative when I am cooking. Hopefully some of these recipes have inspired you to try something new when you are making your next meal!


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