Fun Kid’s Birthday Party Games

If you are a parent, then you are going to have to throw birthday parties for your child. Some parents choose to have their children’s birthday parties at party locations such as Chuck E Cheese, Skating Rinks, Inflatable play centers, or some other center. I have mainly chosen to have my children’s parties at my home or at the home of a family member. This is what works for our family. If the home party is what works for your family, then keep on reading. If you are the type of parent who goes to party centers, then read on as well. You just may be surprised at how easy and inexpensive it can be to have a fun party for your child!

Personally, I like to stick with classic games. Most kids and parents already know the rules, and if they don’t then the rules are easy to learn. Another bonus is they are easy to adapt to different party themes. So no matter what your child is into on any given year, you can have games to wow the crowd!

1. Pin the tail on the donkey.
I know, I know … this seems silly for me to put this on my list. Everyone knows to play this at a birthday party. However, what some people may not realize is how easily this game is adapted to any party theme. We have played “Sparky’s Spots” Where we put the spots back on the dalmatian at a firefighter party, pin the shoe on Cinderella at a princess party, and we have even adapted this simple game into a crime fighting game at a Spiderman party. The possibilities are endless! Plus it is so easy for little kids, and can be quite challenging for older kids too! I am always amazed at how much the older kids enjoy playing the same games as the little ones!

2. Take a scavenger hunt.
Yet another simple concept. This takes a bit more planning on the hosts part, however it is so worth it. Definitely have your camera ready and be ready to run around with the kids as they hunt down the items. This is another game that is easily adapted to any theme. You can send the kids off on a hunt for treasure around the neighborhood at a pirate party, following map for a Dora party, or on a true scavenger hunt for various items all over town. This game truly spans all ages, the host makes it as easy or as difficult as needed for the age group.

3. Bust that Pinata!
Pinatas are such a classic for any party. I remember a time when pinatas only looked like something you would find at a Mexican fiesta, however now these party must haves come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, themes, and they even come where you don’t have to hit them! I personally prefer to watch the kids whack into the air and miss the pinata completely and try again. It is so much fun as a parent to watch them get so excited when they finally hit the pinata! Of course, there are some age groups that can be downright dangerous with a bat or pinata stick. Just watch America’s Funniest Home Videos and you will know what I mean. For younger age groups, stick with the pinatas with the pull strings. The fun about pinatas is that you can fill it with literally anything that is not breakable. For this reason alone, it works for any and every age group.

4. Musical Chairs and more …
Turn on the music and watch the kids walk around, stop the music and everyone has to stop and sit in a chair. If you aren’t in a chair, then you are out. Simple, yes, fun yes, however it is also very mundane. You can spice this game up by just changing a few things. Take away the chairs and put out some large theme related flat decorations. Have the kids stop on these instead of chairs. Also, you can just have the kids dance to the music and freeze when it stops. If you are still moving then you are out.

5. Hot Potato, pass it around.
Hot potato is so much fun. However, it can easily become pass the coconut for a beach theme party. This is also another game where all ages will enjoy getting in on the fun.

As you can see, five simple games can easily turn into five hundred. There are easily 100 or more variations of each of these classic party games. Use your imagination and come up with your own fun themed version of a game you already know, and it can bring all kind of life into your child’s party!


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