Great Non-Floral Wedding Table Centerpieces

If you are preparing for an upcoming wedding, I want to start off by saying Congratulations to you! A wedding is such an exciting time in your life. You will be joining together with the person you love for the rest of your life. Truly an amazing event. Planning for a wedding can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many small details that just can’t be left out. Table decorations is one of those details. You can’t really choose table decorations until you have decided on the colors for your wedding. Once you have decided on colors, then you can start making other decorating choices.

When it comes to decorating the tables at your wedding you have to make one choice first. This is a very important choice because it narrows down your options so quickly. All you have to do is ask yourself one simple question. Floral or non floral? Most weddings you go to have floral arrangements on the tables. The floral arrangements usually match the bridal party’s bouquets in some way. These floral centerpieces can be very elaborate and beautiful, they can also be very expensive. I think a great alternative to these pricey floral table decorations is to go with a non-floral option instead.

I have compiled a list of five different non-floral wedding centerpiece suggestions for you. These are all easily done, and can vary from inexpensive to pricey depending on your own tastes and your budget.

1. Candles

Lighting is important for any event. Candles are a wonderful way to give a beautiful ambient light and really set a romantic mood for a wedding. I think a simple arrangement of candles on the tables would make a striking impact on all of your wedding guests. You can easily find candles in any color of the rainbow to match your wedding decor. You can choose different heights and shapes of candles to give an even more intriguing effect.

2. Photos

I have been to many weddings where there was a special display of the wedding couple with photos of them as they grew up, and then photos of them as they grew together as a couple. Why not take this concept and turn it into a centerpiece? You can find picture frames at just about any store for a wide range of prices. You can stick with one color frame for every table, or you could use several different color frames. You could have each table stick with one color frame. You can place different photos at each table. This is a great way to get your guests mingling around the room. They will all want to see the pictures at other tables and they will mingle with the other people at the other tables.

3. Zen Gardens

If you are still leaning towards having flowers as your centerpiece, maybe you should consider a different type of garden. Rock, sand or water gardens would be a relaxing table decoration. I think this would be great for an outdoor wedding where you may already have lots of flowers surrounding the area of tables.

4. Bottles

I know, it doesn’t sound very beautiful. However, if you will be serving wine and champagne at your wedding, you could easily decorate the tables with a few bottles. The table is usually already set with the plates and glasses, so why not have the wine and champagne right there for your guests! This would also help to prevent such long lines waiting at the bar for drinks. Wine and champagne bottles have become a very common use in decor and I think it makes a very functional wedding centerpiece.

5. Food

If you are getting married in the summer, a lovely fruit arrangement could make a beautiful statement. You can even choose fruits based on colors in your wedding. Apples or strawberries for red; grapes for purple; grapes, limes and apples for green; lemons and bananas for green. These are all just a few of the options that you could choose from. You could combine the colors as well. You could also use this same technique with harvest vegetables in the fall.

Another food option would be candies. You can find lots of gorgeous candies at many bakeries. The same person making your wedding cake could do these candies for you. Also, you could have small crystal bowls filled with personalized candies. These candies would have the couples names or initials on them.

Another option for a food centerpiece is cakes. Yes, I know you already have a wedding cake. However, why not choose a smaller cake for your wedding cake and then have smaller single serving cakes arranged in the center of the tables as decoration. This is a beautiful and tasty choice. As with the wine bottle option, this eliminates a line of people waiting to get a slice of cake.

You can choose one of these options, or combine a few to make the perfect combination for your wedding. You can even use these as an addition to a floral centerpiece. It would be an easy way to lessen the cost of the flowers to use them as an accent to these other non-floral decoration ideas.

No matter what you choose, your wedding will be a memorable experience for you and your spouse. These options may help it be even more memorable for your guests too.


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