How to Throw a Star Wars Birthday Party

My son has become a huge fan of Star Wars in the past year. He loves to watch the movies and even dresses up as the characters for Halloween. I knew that this would be the perfect theme for his birthday this year.

Please make sure to read my article on Birthday Party Etiquette for lots of general tips on hosting a birthday party. This article will focus only on the theme and ways to incorporate the theme into all aspects of your party.

You can find many different versions of Star Wars invitations at party supply stores. However, you can also get creative and make your own invitations. My son helped me with our invitations. He chose to go with just stars on his invitations instead of characters. However, you can use pictures of the characters, or the ships to make your invitations. In this age of technology it is so easy to find what you want and put it together on your computer and print it out. Plus with gas prices being so high, you never have to even start your car with this method!

This is always the most fun part of party planning for me. For our Star Wars party we chose to make a light saber cake. It was extremely simple and had a huge impact on everyone at the party. I made 2 sheet cakes, and cut the cakes into strips. The strips can be as wide or as thin as you want. I dyed my icing using food coloring or icing coloring that I purchased at a hobby store. My son chose a blue light saber and a green light saber for his cake. I arranged my cake strips on my cake board into 2 light sabers making an X and started icing the cakes. After my cakes were iced, I waited until people arrived and then added the light up glow sticks to my cake. This made the light sabers glow and it also was a nice effect with the candles all lit up as well!

Some of the other things we had for food were Milky Way candy bars, Starburst candies, some homemade suckers, and other traditional party foods. My homemade suckers were made using candy molds which I purchased from a cake supply store. I had several that were star shaped and also moon and sun shapes. It is easy to take anything space themed and use it for a Star Wars party. Also, these homemade suckers were a wonderful addition to the kids goody bags!

Party Games
Some fun ideas for games are space crafts. Kids love to do craft projects. I was at a friend’s child’s space themed party and they had some really fun crafts! The kids made space in a bottle. It was simply small orb shaped water bottles. The children added a dew drops of dark blue food coloring and some star shaped glitter and closed up their bottles. Voila, space in a bottle! How creative and fun! You can also have coloring pages for the children. You can have space themed pages, or Star Wars pages. Either one will work just fine.

My son has loads of toy light sabers, if you have enough of them to match the amount of children, you can have duels with the light sabers. You can also have ‘pod races’. This would be great when you have lots of neighborhood kids coming to your party. All the kids can bring their bikes, trikes, or scooters and race to the finish line.

Goody bags, or favor bags are very important for a child’s birthday party. All the kids want to take something home as their very own special treat from the party. If you did a craft project this can be included in the goody bag after the project is completed. You want to make sure to put some candy in the bag as well. I put homemade suckers, pop rocks, milky way bars, star bursts, and blow pops. I also added in some Star Wars themed items that I found at the party supply store. There was quite a selection, however we chose the small mazes and some stickers.

Other Ideas
My son chose to dress up in his Yoda Halloween costume for the party. You can ask other guests to dress up as well. This puts another fun spin on the party. If you have older kids you could watch one of the movies, or several of them if you are having a sleepover.

These are some of the ideas that we had and used for our Star Wars birthday party. Hopefully you will be able to use some of these tips, and maybe this article will help to inspire some other ideas too!


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