Interview with the Haunted: Volume 1, Bartlett, TN

Cheryl: How long did you live in this home?

Jennifer: We lived there for 7 years.

Cheryl: When did you first start noticing that the house may be haunted?

Jennifer: We actually noticed things right away, but it honestly took a long time, months if not almost a year, for us to put everything together and realize that we could no longer just explain everything away. And that’s what we had both been doing, writing it off to some other explanation, the whole time thinking something was not right. But neither of us really said anything to each other for a while because neither of us wanted to think the other was crazy.

Cheryl: Can you tell us about some of the different things that happened while you were at the home?

Jennifer: Well, when we first moved in and got settled I was working outside of the home every day. I was the first to get home and every day when I would come home every hanging picture in the house would be tilted to the same side. Every picture. I told my mom after about the third day and she said it was probably the train. Now the train was several miles from us and she was closer to the tracks than we were and she had no problems with her pictures. Nonetheless, I wrote it off to the train and when I started ignoring the pictures it stopped. Even though the train still runs. Then doors started getting locked behind us when we went out to get the mail, do yard work, etc. We always wrote it off to absentmindedness until one day my husband went out the door and physically heard it lock and dead-bolt itself. I wasn’t home and he had no key, so he couldn’t even have dead bolted it if he had wanted. Then things would go missing and wind up in the middle of the very open living room floor, same place. Also, we would hear things. The dogs would go nuts when we would hear footsteps on the stairwell, but see nothing coming down or going up. The dogs would stand at the bottom, ears back and tails down, and bark ferociously. Then doors started opening and closing by themselves. Started with the interior bathroom door while I was taking a shower. We also tried to explain that away, but then kitchen cabinet doors started opening and closing while we were cooking. A friend was over one day, we were sitting in the living room. The front door unlocked itself and flew open. We just stared at each other and that was really the first time I admitted, we admitted, that something is going on. It’s not just in our heads. The funny thing is, when I would come home from the grocery store and pull into the garage it would open the door for me as I was dragging groceries in. Tons and tons of things happened.

Cheryl: Were you ever frightened to be in the home? If so, why?

Jennifer: It freaked us out a bit at first, but we tried to ignore it, pray, and go on. We both figured nothing could hurt us. Towards the last couple of years we were there, however, we started seeing shadow people and things of various sorts, even feeling touches and such. That was frightening. For some reason, when I would see these things my response was to become absolutely paralyzed. I couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe. So, I just assumed it was sheer terror. I started walking through the house with my eyes down, never looking at reflections, anything. It got to be really bad.

Cheryl: Did you ever contact any paranormal professionals regarding the events taking place in your home?

Jennifer: I actually emailed a local ghost-hunting team, but chickened out on giving them info as I just don’t believe in ghosts.

Cheryl: Did you ever see a ghost in your home?

Jennifer: Other than the shadow people, shadow webs, and stuff that my husband and I both saw, there was one other time. When we brought our daughter home from the hospital the first night we put her in a bassinet next to our bed at night-time. I wasn’t sleeping very well the first few nights, even when she slept because I wanted to make sure she was okay being a new mom and all. I was at the computer desk (in our room) and remember swiveling around to get up and go peer into the bassinet and saw a tall silhouette/shadow of a woman wearing a long dress, hair up, peering into the bassinet. I froze (again with the stinking paralyzing thing), managed a short shriek, and she was gone. My husband woke up though and I told him what happened. We both explained it away to me being tired, but neither of us believed that.

Cheryl: Did people, other than those living in the home, also notice the ghostly occurrences?

Jennifer: Yes, a few people. Seems as if the door unlocking and flinging itself open was a favorite when guests came over. I have one friend who wouldn’t even come back into my house after that happened. Happened to another friend while they were over for a play-date. I had told her about the goings on in previous conversations, and she was really laid back about it. We just laughed, nervously. Another time my closest friend was over and we (my husband, friend, and I) were all in the kitchen cooking dinner. The cabinet doors opened, then closed. Hubby and I kept right on cooking and my friend FREAKED! We were just used to it at that point, and she was even more freaked that we were so nonchalant about it. During that same visit her keys disappeared off the mantle in our living room. We looked all over the house for them. We all came back in the living room and they were lying in the middle of the floor. It was almost like a game sometimes.

Cheryl: Did your child seem to have more interaction with the ‘ghosts’ than the adults?

Jennifer: Hmmm. That’s something I guess I will never know. When my daughter was about 18 months old we finally let her start sleeping in her own room, upstairs. She was still in a crib. She started having, what we thought, were night terrors. They were horrible! After the third night when we went up there and she was crying, screaming uncontrollably and we noticed she was looking over our shoulder and saying “NO! NO! NO!” We put her back in our bedroom for another year, and every time we tried to let her sleep upstairs it was a similar scenario. We finally gave up the idea of her sleeping in her own room and she slept with us until we moved. Now that we’ve moved she has no problem sleeping in her own bed. In fact, we are all actually sleeping now. It’s great. Before we had kids we kept our nieces and nephews a lot. However, when they would spend the night and then leave, the ‘activity’ really picked up. Sometimes we would go for months without seeing or hearing anything, but if our nieces and nephews came over and played upstairs, it got crazy after they left. Back to my child and her interaction with everything. She has a very vivid imagination and when she started having these night terrors we tried asking her about them (she was very verbal, and this was one of those times we were very thankful for that). Anyway, she was insistent there was a little boy and a little girl that lived there. She described them in great detail…the color of their hair, their eye color, etc. Also said the girl was very nice and the boy was very mean and he was the one making her cry at night. She would spend hours just talking and ‘playing’ with the girl. But when we would ask questions about the boy, she wouldn’t say much, only that he was mean, and then cry and freak out if we asked anything else about him. I just don’t know. Could be her imagination, could be the ‘ghost’. We just never knew what to make of that.

Cheryl: Before living at this home did you believe in ghosts? Do you believe now?

Jennifer: No. I didn’t believe in ghosts, but my husband did and does. I still say I don’t, although that somewhat shook my belief. I always believed that things like that were people’s way over-active imaginations and that anything that truly happened like that was the trick of Satan to try and shake your faith. My husband has shown me passages in the Bible that support why he believes in ghosts and spirits, and I have done the same to him to support my beliefs. We both see each others points, so I guess that puts me on the fence. We finally moved out of our house and of course, our real estate agent thought we were cuckoo when we tried to tell him about the goings-on. When we moved to our apartment, on the second night getting ready for bed, our daughter said “Mom, Dad, I like this house much better than our old house.” We told her we were glad and asked her why she liked it so much. She said “This house doesn’t have all those people in it.” My husband and I looked at each other and asked her what people. She replied “You know…the ones who used to scare me.”

Cheryl: Jennifer that is truly an amazing story. I too am like you and have never truly believed in ghosts. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story with me and with all who read this.


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