Summer Love: Sometimes it’s made to last!

It was the Summer of 2000, and I had made a very important choice to spend it on my own. I didn’t want to meet anyone and fall in love. I had been burned too many times and I wanted time to just enjoy life without having to worry about love. Then it happened, or I guess I should say he happened.

I was sitting at my desk plugging away at my computer, wishing the work day wasn’t so long. The phone on my desk rang and I recognized the number, my sister. I figured she was calling to give me some details about her upcoming trip out of town. I would be staying at her house while she was gone. The conversation started as any conversation with my sister did back then. However, instead of discussing the plans for her trip the conversation took an unexpected turn, at least I was not expecting it.

My sister was leaving town to visit with her boyfriend and making plans to move out of town to be with him, therefore the thought that my father had tried to set her up on a blind date was very surprising. However, the most surprising was the thought that my sister said I needed to meet this guy. She had talked to him and felt like the two of us would really be great together. My sister was going to go to lunch with this guy and another friend of hers, but she knew that the two of them would not be right for each other. I told my sister I would think about it, but not to get her hopes up.

That afternoon when I arrived at my sister’s house to begin my stay he was there. I was caught off guard, but as soon as I looked at his eyes all of the feelings of apprehension seemed to melt away. I felt so comfortable being around him and I had just met him. His name was Larry, and I knew at that first moment that I was in big trouble. Larry has the sort of blue eyes that make you feel like if you fell into them it would make a splash. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t just the color of his eyes, it was something inside of them. Like he could see right into my soul. That day we didn’t get to talk much. He left soon after I arrived, but even in that brief meeting I knew that there was something about Larry that would turn my world upside down.

My sister left that evening. The next day I got up and went about my day as normal. I went to work, and when I got home I ate some dinner and was just hanging out watching television when the phone rang. I went to answer the phone and noticed it was Larry’s name on the caller id box. My heart jumped up into my throat. Surely he wasn’t calling for me! I jumped up and down and got the jitters out of my system and then answered the phone calmly.

“Hello” I said.

“Hey, It’s Larry.”

“Oh! Hi Larry, sorry my sister isn’t here, remember she left to go out of town last night?”

“Yes, I remember. But I wasn’t calling for your sister, I was calling to talk to you” Larry said in a sweet yet matter of fact tone.

Once again I jumped up and down and tried hard not to scream with delight. He called to talk to me, this has to be a good sign. We talked for hours that night. Not just about silly stuff either. About real issues, things I had never really been able to talk to anyone about. When we finally ended our conversation, I laid in bed and thought about Larry. I wondered if he would call again. I wondered if our long conversation about deep subjects would scare him away. Slowly while I thought, I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke the next morning, back in the hustle and bustle of a busy woman’s life. I went to work, and then headed home. It was Friday, and I actually had plans for the night to hang out with my best friend. We didn’t have huge plans, just hanging around the house and having some laughs, but I really loved the time that the two of us spent together. She meant the world to me, and back then I wouldn’t have traded our girl’s nights for anything. My best friend met me at the house when I arrived at home. When I walked in I heard the answering machine click as it finished recording a message. I went to the machine to see who had called. It was a message from Larry. He wanted me to go out with him and some friends that night. I called him back to decline his offer. At the time, I was a single mother and there was no way to find a sitter at that short notice. Plus I didn’t feel right about bailing on my friend and our plans. Larry and I made plans to have dinner and a movie on Saturday night, but at the house so I wouldn’t have to worry about a sitter.

On Saturday Larry called, he wanted to know what to bring over for dinner. He was going to cook for me, and needed ideas on what types of foods I like. We talked on and off throughout the day. Larry showed up that evening, exactly on time, with a video and take out from one of my favorite restaurants. He helped me take care of my daughter and we enjoyed a wonderful evening together. We ended our evening and I was on cloud nine. I felt like my search was over, but I was trying to be cautious still. As I said at the beginning of this story, I had had my heart broken before, and I just wasn’t ready to go through that again, especially with a child involved.

Early the next day, my daughter and I were enjoying a lazy Sunday morning watching television together when the phone rang. It was Larry. He asked if it would be ok for him to come over and make us breakfast. I am no genius, but I can tell you I am a smart woman and I was not about to turn that down! He came over, breakfast was served, and that is just the beginning of our summer together.

We watched the first season of Survivor, we cheered through the Summer Olympics, we saw each other every single day. My best friend even joined us at the house for board games. We went to the park and did all the stuff that normal dating couples do.

Larry and I have now spent 13 summers together. We were married before we dated for a year. We now have 2 more children and we live an extremely happy life together. I never thought a summer romance could turn into happily ever after, but in my case it did. Summer love, still going strong.


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