Where to shop for Holiday Decorations in Memphis, TN

The Holidays are just around the corner. That means it is time to decorate! However, decorations can get very expensive. Here are some ideas from my personal shopping on where to find really great deals on those most have holiday decorations!

The following list is in not in order of best to worst. I can not personally decide the best to worst list since my tastes are my own individual tastes.

World Sales Liquidators/Top Dog – This warehouse store is one of my favorite locations to shop in the Memphis Area. Located on Highway 64, east of the Wolfchase Galleria Mall you will always be surprised at what you find here! They always have a large selection of holiday decorations and trinkets at highly discounted prices. Plus you can peruse this warehouse for many other wonderful finds at a discount. This is a closeout dealer, so you may not always find the same items, but you will always enjoy searching for just what you need!

Garden Ridge – This store is located just outside of Bartlett on Summer Avenue. Whenever I talk about decorations with my friends, this stores name always comes up! In my opinion they have the largest selection plus wonderful prices as well.

Tuesday Morning – This is another close out dealer store. There are many locations around the Memphis area. not only will you find a great selection of discounted decorations, however, many times you will find the closer it gets to the holidays the more of a discount you will see at this store. many of the items in this store could be considered high end, however, you will also find items that are not high end. Plus, the high end items are at such great discounts! Stop in, and I am sure you will be pleased!

Old Time Pottery – This store is similar to Old Time Pottery. However, the selection seems to be smaller. There are a few locations around Memphis to make it convenient for anyone to shop. Prices are good, they also run discounts as the holiday gets closer.

Wal-mart – This is probably the easiest store to find. There are tons of them all over Memphis, the surrounding area, and the nation! Holiday decorations were being put out for sale before Halloween was even over, so they have lots to offer. However, my taste is more for items that not everyone will have out in their home as well. So I prefer the other stores before this one. Many times, I am not able to find what I want at the other locations and I will head to Wal-mart to find what I need.

Target – There are also many Target stores located in the Memphis area. However, not as many as Wal-mart. The decorations that I find at Target always look very sophisticated and classy, in my opinion. However, the prices are never unreasonable. They are higher than what I would pay at Wal-mart and in some cases the quality is better also.

There are also many department stores in the Memphis area that sell Holiday decorations. However, I focused this article on where to find the best deals! If you are interested in more high end items, please watch for my upcoming articles!


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