Product Review: Children’s Place Footed Pajamas

The Children’s Place is a wonderful store for children’s clothing. They offer high quality children’s clothes at more affordable prices. I quickly fell in love with this store a few years ago when a location opened near my home.

If you have read some of my other articles, I have a daughter with severe eczema. Due to this condition we have to do our best to keep as much of her body covered at night as possible. This reduces her ability to scratch over night. We have always had her wear footed pajamas since she was an infant. She is now almost four years old and she still needs to wear footed pajamas at night. while on the hunt for the best footed pajamas for her I have tried several different brands and types.

I have found that several brands do not make footed pajamas in sizes larger than 24 months or 2T. This poses a problem for me since my child is in larger sizes than 2T or 24 months. The ones that I do find in my daughters size are usually made out of a very thick fleece material. My daughter gets much too hot in these to wear them even during the winter, much less wear them year round. I needed cotton footed pajamas to suit our needs. Also, I find many in her size that do not have feet, this also will not work for us, because our daughter will pull socks off in order to be able to scratch.

I did find some at Baby Gap. They had her size, and they were cotton with feet! However, the price was awfully high, $22.00 per pair. As much as I wanted to purchase them, I decided that I should keep looking to see if I could find a lower price somewhere else. I could always come back to get them if I didn’t have any luck a another store. In the particular set of shops where I was shopping, Children’s Place is only a few stores down from Baby Gap. I went in to Children’s Place to see if I would have any luck finding what I was looking for. I found a full rack of cotton footed pajamas in the infant section of the store. I was thrilled. I searched and found that they did in fact come in my daughter’s size. The price was right as well, $10.50 per pair. Plus they were running a sale at that time, so I could buy 3 pairs and only have to pay $24.00. This seemed to be my best option. I purchased three pairs and tried them that night. They were wonderful. Th fit was great on them, plus they are light enough that she can wear them during the summer, yet still warm enough that they will work during the winter as well. Not to mention, they hold up wonderfully! They have several different fabric choices for both boys and girls, so we were able to get many pairs and not have to have the same pajamas on every night of the week.

For now my problem has been solved, however, not for long. The Children’s Place footed pajamas only go up to size 3T. I will be on the hunt again once my daughter goes up to the next size. but for now I have found the perfect pajamas for my little girl! The Children’s place pajamas come in newborn sizes all the way up to 3T. The price is great, the fabric is wonderful, and the quality is excellent. If you have a child in these sizes, these pajamas should definitely be in his or her wardrobe!


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