Product Review: Frog Ranch Salsa

My husband and I are big salsa eaters. Not only do we eat salsa when we have tacos or Mexican for dinner, we also enjoy having chips and salsa as a snack, or we will use salsa as a cooking ingredient. I used to just buy the same brand of salsa each time we ran out. Then my husband stopped at the store one day and picked up a new brand and we liked it much better than our normal brand. So for a while I purchased that brand. Then a few months ago, I was at the grocery store and I spotted a brand I had not seen before. I do not know if the store just started carrying this brand, or if I had just never seen it. This brand of salsa was Frog Ranch Salsa. If you know me, then you know that I have a weird thing about frogs, I am terrified of real live ones, but when it comes to fake ones I have a ton of them! So I knew that I had to try this salsa!

I purchased both the mild and the hot varieties of the salsa. Since my husband enjoys spicier foods than me I would need both mild and hot in order to get a thumbs up or thumbs down for our tastes. My husband and I were eager to try the new salsa out. So we brought out the chips and opened up each jar and gave it a try.

According to the jar, “Frog Ranch Salsa is a classic combination of the freshest tomatoes, onions, special seasonings and plenty of Frog Ranch Peppers.” My husband was the first to taste the salsa. He immediately said “Oh my gosh, you have got to try this!” So I took a chip and tried the salsa myself. I could not believe that this salsa had come from a jar! My husband has made home made salsa before and this was just as good as his home made salsa!

The taste is so fresh and complex, you have to literally make yourself stop eating it! I can only personally speak for the mild salsa since I do not like spicy foods. It is a great mild taste. It does have a very small kick to it, but it is not spicy. That kick is more like an extra burst of flavor rather than heat. My husband continues to rave about the hot variety. This is now the only salsa I will purchase. At only 3.95 a jar it is pretty reasonably priced as well!

I have also cooked with this salsa and it really gives an amazing flavor to my recipes. You can also go to the company’s website for their own serving suggestions and recipes. However, the website is not just for that! If your local grocery does not carry this salsa, then you can purchase it on-line and have it shipped directly to your home. You can also purchase sampler packs, and party baskets from the company website, as well as Frog Ranch T-shirts.

If you are a salsa lover, then this salsa should definitely be on your next grocery list! Do not miss out on the amazing taste and rich, deep flavors that this salsa brings to the table.


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