Gone too soon

I have been trying to get back into my routine and start blogging again ever since we got back into town. It seems like life has gotten even busier since we got back though. However, a few days ago I received a phone call and it was like my life stood still even though everything around me kept right on moving. A close friend of mine passed away very unexpectedly. She was only 28 years old and had so many amazing gifts to share with this world. Gone too soon, those are the only words that keep coming into my mind. I have cried and thought so many things about her ever since I found out the tragic news.

Then today, several of us got together and took some food over to her husband and family. I went there to help to give them some comfort and to try and make things a bit easier for them. The amazing thing is, that they helped me. They kept saying things about what she would have wanted. That made me start thinking about what she would have wanted me to do. She wouldn’t want me to cry and be upset over losing my friend. She would want me to use this experience to help me remember to stop and take the time to enjoy every moment of my life. That won’t stop me from crying and being sad about no longer having her in my life. She was such a joy. She always brightened my day and often inspired me to think of things in a whole new way. I truly am a better person just because I knew her.

However, this will help me to remember to hug my babies even tighter and more often. I will call my family more often and never forget to end those phone calls with how much I love them. Relish in the moments I get with my friends. No more putting it off until another time. I will stop taking the little things for granted. Appreciate more … complain less! I will take more time to do the things that I love, run, exercise, play with my kids, cook, bake, write … and so many moreĀ things. The quiet moments in the evening on the couch with my husband will be spent in his arms, not across the couch from each other. I want to cherish every singleĀ moment.

My friend was also my co-worker. Tomorrow will be our first day at work without her. Please pray for all of us while we struggle through the pain, and emotions of this awful loss. Please pray for her family while they try to be at peace with the loss of a wife, child, sister, and aunt. She was a teacher, so please pray for all of her students. She used Pete the Cat in a few of her lessons, so I used Pete for the pic for this blog post.

Amberlee … We love you, and we miss you!


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